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Order of Business


The Board follows a planned order of business in handling the large number of matters coming before it.

To prepare themselves for an informed discussion of proposals, Board members receive much background information in advance of the meeting.

Generally, the Board meetings follow this Order of Business:


I. Call to Order
II. Additions to the Agenda
III. Audience participation, communications, notices, and announcements
IV. Consent Agenda Items
V. Superintendent's Report
VI. Report of the Committees

  •  Finance
  • Facilities
  • Policy Committee
  • Darien District #61 Educational Foundation

VII. Unfinished Business
VIII. New Business
IX. Audience Participation
XI. Adjournment



Public Participation In Board of Education Meetings

Each meeting allows a period of time for public comment concerning agenda items. Any citizen may ask to be recognized.

Because Board meeting time is limited and business must follow an advance agenda, anyone wishing to make a presentation at a meeting must submit a request in writing to the President of the Board and/or the Superintendent of Schools in advance. A special form is available at each meeting. Such a request should contain an explanation of material to be presented as well as samples of handouts the citizen would like to circulate at a Board meeting.

All written correspondence will be acknowledged. A review of citizen requests and recommendations will be made promptly, and if it is decided that a matter should be placed on the agenda for consideration, it will be done as soon as possible.

Any individual with a disability requiring a reasonable accommodation in order to participate in any Board meeting should contact Dr. Bob Langman, ADA Compliance Officer, within a reasonable time before the meeting.

Open Meetings and Executive Sessions

All meetings are conducted openly and are open to the public except executive (closed) sessions which are permitted by State law to discuss: collective bargaining; acquisition of real property; litigation; appointment; employment or dismissal of an employee; testimony concerning an employee; individual students; and certain other matters which may involve consultation with legal counsel. All decisions, however, are made in sessions open to the public.

We encourage you to visit your schools and the concerned people who work in the Darien Public School District 61.

Thank you.