District #61 Parents

  • Welcome to Darien Public School District #61.  Please use the D61 Families bar above to access relevant parent information.


    If you are a new resident and wish to register your child you will need the following documents to establish residency for your child:


    Category 1 (must present at least one document)

    Real Estate Tax Bill (most recent)

    Signed and Dated Lease (current year, date current lease ends)

    Closing statement for purchase of residence

    Mortgage Statement/Loan Statement

    Military Housing Letter


    Category 2:  (at least two documents)

    Current Illinois License/Illinois State ID

    Gas/Electric/Water/Phone/Cable Bill (only one of this type)

    Vehicle Registration/Insurance Policy

    Voter Registration Card

    Home Owner/Renter Insurance Policy

    Public Assistance Documentation


    Once you have the following documents you can contact the appropriate school and will need the following documents for your child:

    Illinois Transfer form 33-78 (If transferring from Illinois Public Schools only)

    Original Birth Certificate


    If you have questions please contact one of our schools.