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Water Testing for Lead

Lead Water Testing

Dear District 61 Parents,

In October of 2016 our District tested for lead in water in a number of locations in the District.  Fifteen locations at Mark DeLay School, eleven locations at Lace, and twenty-four locations at Eisenhower Junior High were tested in anticipation of the proposed legislation.

It was determined, from the testing, that one drinking fountain had results that required attention and has been shut off.  That fountain is no longer being used in the music room at Eisenhower Junior High. 

Recently enacted Illinois Plumbing Licensing Law (225 ILCS 320/35.5) requires that all schools test for lead in water used for drinking or cooking.  This includes all potable water taps, faucets, drinking fountains, and hand washing sinks in classrooms occupied by PreK through fifth grade students.

We submitted the October results to the proper authorities and in March of 2017 submitted sixteen additional hand washing sink samples for Mark DeLay School.  Of those results one hand sink, while not above the 5.00 ug/L limit, it did show a small amount of lead.  This faucet has been replaced, retested and came back clear. 

The health and safety or our students is one of the most important responsibilities you have entrusted to us as a school district.  The quality of the water in our schools is important and we will continue to monitor and assess the safety in each of our schools.  If you would like to learn more about the drinking water testing, click the links below.

You may also contact my office at 630-968-7505 if you have additional questions.

Robert M. Carlo, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

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