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Student Health & Safety

Illness Darien School District 61 sets guidelines for excluding children from school due to illness. We depend on parents to be partners with the schools in promoting the health of our students and staff.  It is important to anticipate the fact that if you work, you will need to have an alternative plan for your child when they are ill. We realize that at times parents face a conflict about what to do if their child becomes ill when one or both parents work. Please make arrangements for when your child is not well enough to attend school ahead of time to make it less stressful when illness occurs. Children who become ill during the school day should be picked up within one hour after the parent/guardian is contacted. No parent is called until a full assessment is made of your child by the school nurse. The nurse may try certain measures prior to a parent being called. If a child has any notable signs of illness or is completely out of sorts, the health aide/school nurse will make the decision to send the child home based on her assessment.  If the parent cannot be reached by phone, we will utilize the emergency numbers the parent has provided us with. Please keep all of your emergency numbers current for these situations. Your child is too ill to attend school and should be kept home if he/she has had any of the following symptoms in the past 24 hours:
  • A temperature of 100 degrees or higher, now or in the past 24 hours. Students are to be fever-free without the use of fever-reducing medications for 24 hours before returning to school.
  • Diarrhea or vomiting
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Sore throat and /or swollen glands
  • Cold symptoms, such as continuous nasal discharge or repeated coughing or sneezing which are likely to spread infection
  • Headache not responsive to Tylenol
  • Undiagnosed rashes or skin lesions which are suspicious for something contagious
  • Any illness where the child is unable to participate fully in classroom activities
  • A low-grade fever (99-100 degrees) accompanied by any symptoms of not feeling well or excessive tiredness

Please remember that if your child is sent home during the school day it is for everyone’s benefit and your child should remain home for a full 24 hours. This policy is to prevent the potential spread of disease and, although your child may appear well the next day, they may still be contagious. Also, there are certain infectious diseases that do require a doctor’s note upon returning to school. The nurse will let you know if a doctor’s note is required when your child is sent home.

Guidelines for Contagious Diseases – Time children should be out of school:

Approximately 6 days after appearance of rash/ no open sores RUBELLA (3 DAY MEASLES) Approximately 7 days after appearance of rash and after all glandular swelling has disappeared MUMPS Approximately 9 days after swelling of salivary glands has appeared STREP THROAT


Until treated by physician PINK EYE After eyes have cleared IMPETIGO 24 hours after treatment by physician – open sores must be covered



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