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E-Learning Information



The Darien School District 61 E-Learning Program continues to be in effect and has been re-approved by the Board of Education and Darien Educational Association with a updated signed Memorandum of Understanding. The Regional Office of Education has verified the E-Learning Program.  The district will continue to review and assess the effectiveness of the plan and adjust the plan as necessary.

On Tuesday, December 20, 2022, The Darien 61 Board of Education approved a Resolution to adopt the use of the E-Learning program in lieu of the district's scheduled emergency days. This resolution allows Darien 61 to use the agreed upon E-Learning days when there is an emergency school closing.  Using an E-Learning day allows the district to count these emergency days as student attendance days and not have to make up the days at the end of the school year.  

So, what does all this mean for students, parents, and staff? 

Even though students and staff may not be at school, learning will still take place using the district’s e-Learning Schedule.  E-Learning is used in these emergency-type situations when schools have to be closed. An E-Learning day consists of asynchronous work for students that will be done at home with guidance from your child’s teacher.  Using the E-Learning during emergency school closing days allows the district to provide continuous learning, and not have to make up the day by adding a day at the end of the school year.  

Staff members will be working with students in their classrooms on how to access materials needed if we were to have an E-Learning Day.  This process will be different at each school, based on the individual needs of the buildings. In order to address questions, you might have we have developed an E-Learning FAQ. 

How will we know that school is closed and my child should be doing e-Learning activities?

The district will follow the Emergency School Closure Communication and Alert process.  When conditions warrant that we close school we will continue to communicate in the following ways:

  1. The Superintendent will send a message through our auto-dial system.  All families who have provided us with information at registration are part of the system for phone and email notification.  Please notify your child's school if your contact information changes or log in to the website and update your information.
  2. Voice message will indicate that the schools are closed when you dial your child's school.
  3. Posting of closure will be on the website at: 
  4. Local news reports

The announcement will indicate that school will be closed and students should engage in E-Learning activities related to their specific grade.  

What Does the E-Learning Day Look Like? 

Students are expected to utilize the Darien 61 E-Learning schedule.  Your child’s E-Learning modules and/or assigned work will be available no later than 8:30 a.m.

Please remember our E-Learning day is asynchronous. Students will complete work independently.   While teachers and staff will be off-site, they will be available from 8:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. for virtual support as needed.  Please contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions about the work or schedule. 

Darien 61 E-Learning Day Schedule

When an E-Learning Day is utilized according to the Board approved plan for such days of instruction and student attendance, the 7 hour and 30 minute workday for teachers, and 5 hours of learning for students shall be scheduled as follows unless otherwise directed: 

8:00 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. - Planning/Preparation 

8:30 a.m. - Learning Modules posted and period of availability, student engagement, instruction, supervision and support as needed begins 

8:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. - 5-hour block of student engagement, instruction, supervision, monitoring and support as needed 

1:30 - 2:00 p.m. - Duty Free 

2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. - Verification/assessment of student work/engagement, planning/preparation, professional responsibilities.

Please see the E-Learning FAQ for further information.

School Contact Information

Mark DeLay School (Grades K-2):  phone:630-852-0200  Click here for Staff Directory
Lace School (Grades 3-5):  phone: 630-968-2589  Click here for Staff Directory
Eisenhower Junior High School:  phone: 630-964-5200 Click here for Staff Directory