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What We Do

What does the Wellness Committee do?

  • We meet 4-5 times a year discussing wellness events and initiatives to provide for students, employees, and community members.  
  • Information is provided through principals' weekly communication bulletins, on Twitter @d61twitter, and on our d61 website.
  • Wellness tables are set up at parent-teacher conferences to provide handouts and freebies for families.
  • Organizes "Wellness Week" (First week of May)
  • Facilitates Project ACES - (First Wednesday in May)
  • Planning a Family Fitness Night for the spring
  • Provides staff and employees weekly appreciation emails

How do schools already promote wellness for students?

  • Physical Education

  • Health Education

  • Active Recess (Delay & Lace)

  • Movement breaks in the classroom

  • Offering a balanced lunch and breakfast

  • Healthy snack time (Delay & Lace)

  • Providing social emotional learning

  • Jump Rope for Heart

  • Yearly "Erin’s Law" Lessons

  • Intramurals/ Sports/ Clubs

  • Project Aces
  • Red Ribbon Week

  • Nurses, Psychologists, and Social Workers in each building  

  • Offers Condor Health - Sex Ed. (Jr. High Level)

  • Athletic Program - (Jr. High Level)

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