Ms. Brennan

  • My name is Renee Brennan.  This is my twenty first year teaching middle school.  I graduated from Illinois State University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education.  I also attended Saint Xavier University and received my Masters Degree in Teaching and Leadership.  I later returned to school to earn a Master of Science Degree in Technology Education.  I believe that all children have a right to an excellent education.  I want children to learn how to be responsible for their own learning.  Junior High students need a considerable amount of support from their parents and teachers to learn this concept.  Please be my partner in teaching this lesson.

    Outside of school I have several interests to keep me busy.  My most important outside activity is taking care of my family.  I have three beautiful children - Caden,thirteen; Callie, eleven; and Carly, ten.  This summer we spent a lot of our time in the pool, reading books, and taking fun summer courses.  When I get a moment to myself I read, read, read and play on the computer.  It is my favorite way to relax while learning something new.  I look forward to this school year.