Physical Education Rules

     Be Respectful
    -Listen when it is time to listen (to the teacher or classmates).
    -Cooperate with the teacher and classmates.  Display good sportsmanship.
    -Show the value of others, the equipment, the property and the environment.
    -Always participate with effort and seriousness in all activities.
    -Demonstrate proper movement skills and concepts
    Be Responsible
    -Wear the proper footwear properly tied
    -Wear the proper clothing/attire/equipment
    -Adhere to the rules or instructions of the lesson or activity
    -Display honesty during the lesson or activity.
    -Allow equal opportunity for others to participate.
    Be Safe
    -Lookout for the safety of others.
    -Avoid careless risks.
    -Show an awareness of your body and those around you.
    -Demonstrate proper movement skills and concepts