The ABC's of Mrs. Nicol

  • The ABC's of Mrs. Nicol
    A - Annika - Annika is my oldest daughter.
    B - Brad - Brad is my youngest brother.  He is a physical education teacher too!
    C - Chicago White Sox - I am a White Sox!  YOU CAN PUT IT ON THE BOARD!
    D - DA Bears
    E - Exercise - Children need to get 60 minutes of exercise EVERY day.  Exercise is important to stay healthy.  I exercise too!  I am a runner and enjoy running races from 5k to half marathons!
    F - Favorite color is green.
    G - Grady - Grady is my youngest son.
    H - Hinsdale South High School - I am a graduate of Hinsdale South.
    I - Illini - I love the Fighting Illini and have traveled across the country to watch them play at all the Big 10 schools and the Sugar Bowl and Rose Bowl.
    J - Jodi - Jodi is my oldest sister and is a high school math teacher.
    K - Kelan - Kelan is my second oldest.  He is a year younger then his sister.
    L - Linnea - Linnea is my youngest.  She was born in 2015!
    M - Married - I have been married to my wonderful husband Andy since 2003.
    N - North Carolina - My families favorite vacation spot.
    O - Olympics- I love watching the Olympics both winter and summer.  It is on my bucket list to watch in person some day.
    P -  Physical Education - I love teaching physical education and teaching students everything I know!
    Q - Quiet - I am a quiet person except for when I am in front of my students!
    R - Run -  I run to get my exercise in.  Training for races is what motivates me to keep moving!  I have run 4 half marathons and one year I raised money for a charity close to my heart and ran 13 10k's in a year (1 per month!)
    S - Swedish - I am 50% Swedish and love my heritage.  In fact, my entire family went to Sweden to visit family in 2005.
    T - Teacher - I have been teaching since 1998!
    U - Use google classroom for assignments!
    V- Volleyball - Volleyball is my favorite sport
    W - Water - Drink water ever day!
    X - eXcited for a great school year!
    Y - You - You (parents and students) help make Eisenhower Junior High School great!
    Z - Zoo - I enjoy going to the zoo with my kids in the summer!